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Sworn in Secret

Freemasonry and the 

Knights Templar

The search for "that which was lost" from the early days of Masonry is now entering a new chapter. With the wealth of material that has come to light in recent years, we are now getting excitingly close to finding much of what was once there. The things that have been discovered so far are presented in the highly readable new book Sworn in Secret.

What caused Freemasonry to not only come into existence but keep growing for many centuries? Did this have anything to do with the Knights Templar, either directly or indirectly? What was it about Masonry that compelled men such as kings of England and George Washington to become members? And what does all that mean for the world we live in today? The answers to these questions are now becoming much clearer.

Masons signing the Declaration of Independence

Masons among the signers of the American 

Declaration of Independence

The symbols, rituals, words and practices of Freemasonry contain many clues to this society's mysterious past. Taken by themselves, many of them seem to have little or no meaning today. But taken in the context of history and the lives of the people who were critical to establishing all these things, they take on new meaning. That is why a complete exploration of the times and the people intimately involved has begun to yield such satisfying results.

The lost early days of Freemasonry may not be as lost as we once thought. 

"Thought-provoking, well researched and well written, the book presents information rather than strongly arguing for a point of view. In doing so, Holst builds a persuasive case. He has collected a great deal of information from numerous sources and provides a fine overview of events which forever changed the world."

-- Scottish Rite Journal

"Sworn in Secret is an exploration of Masonic and Templar history of epic proportions. This book should be in every library -- public and private."

-- Robert W. Akin

"Holst's work on the origins of Masonry reaches into the often murky mists of time to bring us a true gem of light."

-- T.L. Wolf 

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